friendship & wonder, sale collection of quote tags

friendship & wonder, sale collection of quote tags

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These ceramic quote tags are lovingly handmade in Brisbane, Australia. They have been created using cream/white earthenware clay and have a gloss glaze on the front, with words in a washed brown.

Sold individually. The tag has a ribbon for hanging or tying. 

  • we wove a web in childhood a web of sunny air - charlotte bronte
  • it is in the shelter of each other that people live - irish proverb
  • we are but birds of passage and must build our nests out of what materials we can find - lady wilson
  • always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder - e.b.white

    Please note: this is a handmade item and any imperfections are part of the beauty that is handmade. 

    Measures approximately 8cm x 5cm.