Utsuwa - Japanese objects for everyday use

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In 2019 we had the privilege of a lifetime spending two months travelling Japan to research, interview and photograph this book. We decided it should have a documentary feel. A true telling of artists' studios and gallery spaces was an important goal. Our hope iss that you feel that you are there in the room where the dye spatters cover the walls, the clay dust is on your clothes, or the heat of the furnace is fierce.

Over the years of visiting the artists and gallery owners started to recognise us from previous visits. Where language failed us our few words that expressed our delight at their work would always be clear to them. Over time, creating friendships and arrangements to sell their wares to sell at paper boat press. We are grateful for the patience and kindness of Shozo Terauchi, Momoko Otani and Sonia Uranishi, who translated in times of need and elevated our connections. Our one great wish is to be able to converse like we do in our daily lives with the people on these pages. They are all so dedicated to their craft, creating unique and interesting contemporary pieces but based in the traditions of their ancestors. We hope this book give you a glimpse. into their lifes and that you equally share our love of their work.

The other thing we are incredibly grateful for is each other. Thsi book has been a creative dream for us as both Japanophiles and as sisters, one that we will long remember. Thank you for sharing the journey and supporting us in the many ways that you do.

Love, Kylie and Tiffany.

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utsuwa - japanese objects for everyday use
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