poetry wall piece - the clouds give rest

poetry wall piece - the clouds give rest

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pickup available at 60 ashgrove crescent
please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

These ceramic poetry wall pieces are handmade lovingly in Brisbane, Australia. Created by ceramic artist and poet, Kylie Johnson. The poetry is hand stamped letter by letter... Each poetry vessel is created using cream/white earthenware clay and has a light glaze on the surface chosen to give the look of paper. There is no colour applied to the letters

poem reads
from time to time

the clouds give rest
to the moon beholders

Please note: this is a handmade item and any imperfections are part of the beauty that is handmade. This is a made to order piece, please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be made and delivered.

Measures approximately 10.6cm x 14cm.

My ceramic art has always started and ended with words, especially poetry. Words become part of the story of a piece… its mark decoration and design.

As a writer and poet, the words I use on these bowls are mine, some from poetry already published and some from new work.

Whether on paper or clay, my words are pared back and placed and spaced in a way that is both deliberate and happenstance. Each letter stamped into the clay becomes one with the organic nature of the vessel and in harmony with it.

The poems find their own rhythm on each bowl, running and swirling and climbing on the face of these simple hand built, draped pots.

Putting my poetry on my pots has given the poems a different audience. Some who wouldn’t normally experience poetry as lines on a page are led to it through clay.

The poem becomes an object that can be held… a keepsake, a message, a story… just in different clothes – Kylie Johnson.